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Jobs In UK Guide!

Common Questions asked by Most Newcomers to UK on HSMP, Holiday Maker Or Work Visas

Click here for more Information About NI Number– You must apply for NI number before or soon after joining a JOB. Because preference is given to candidates with NI Numbers

  1. How is UK IT Market/Testing Market/SAP Market/Networking Security Market Etc etc now ?

    Ans- Average. There are jobs in every skills as long as you are good in your skills and can prove that.Must read The UK IT skills crisis: an essential guide for IT professionals Interview Questions Sites

    For Interview Preparation Guidelines Click here – Must Read

    To get a better idea about the jobs available in your skill set and salaries offered checkout – UK’s leading Online CV Formatting Template – for finance, retail banking, investment banking jobs – Upload your CV once, and they register you with other leading job sites. Benchmark your salary against Similar Profile People from All over the world. ( useful site to compare and develop your own CV by benchmarking it with simillar skills CVs of others available on site) (Now Part of UK’s leading jobsite. (for pharmacy and medical jobs) (good site for 50K+ jobs but it is paid) – Career Exhibitions and Seminars – retail and hospitality – Leading Job Site for retail sector – 750+ Pages of Jobs, Recruiters and advice – Detailed insight into a career as an actuary

  2. Is it right time to enter UK market ?Ans:- Yes!! Only if you already have a good offer or above mentioned job sites tell you that there is a demand for your skill set.
  3. I am coming on an HSMP. How long will it take for me to get a JOB?Ans:- Ask GOD. :). nobody else can tell the future. 🙂 Well on a serious note, if your english language skills are good and you are good in your main skill-set too then on an average it takes 2-3 months to get a good job (You’ll need an average of £500/Month to survive in London). How it goes is, you email your resumes for the job offers to recruitment agencies, they call you and get all your relevant details and feed it in their system according to their own format. Then they go cold for a while and only call you when in their database you match with the requirement they have. Usually, employers here rely a lot on Agencies and assume that Agency would have done the basic screening etc. In 90% of interviews, employers hire someone from the first 10 candidates sent by the agency. So make sure you impress the agency guy with your best communication skills. Having good terms with Agency Guys (talk a little about weather, holidays, music concerts etc, if possible joke about prime minister, finance minister etc 🙂 and then casually ask about the update/progress on any job query) is half the battle won.
  4. For 2+/3+/5+/7+ Experience guy how much salary to expect?Ans:-It depends on which Company you join and which part of UK you join. London is a costly place so salaries are higher. Suburban areas are less costly so salary is less. Don’t be fussy for your first job. Take whatever you are offered. Once you’re in job and have evaluated the worth of your skills according to the job market, you can always switch in 6-12 months time.

    For permanent job – £30K – £40K Salary per annum can be called a good start.Salary-Tax Calculator

    Contract – £200 – £350 Salary per day is a good start

    For contracting:- You will need an umbrella company to bill your hours on your behalf and pay you salary and expenses. Umbrella companies are expert in managing your accounts and can get you good share from your billing. A 70-75% takehome is considered pretty good.

    Note: If you have a confirmed contract offer then you can approach following companies for your billing

  5. How easy is it to get the job I apply for?Applying for a job in London is tough and competition is very fierce. Even if you are experienced in your own country you might not perform with the right etiquette to appear like the best candidate. There are some agencies who provide grooming for new comers e.g. Successful Flare can help you maximise your job application. They are experienced City interviewers who specialise in supporting non-native speakers of English to start their London career, through the whole application process from application form and CV to interview and job offer!