About Us

Telugu People in the UK is a non-profitable community that has its phenomenal subsistence for over five years now that is effective for an authentic cause of extending a helping hand to all those aspirants from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana who cherish to explore the opportunities in this vibrant and vivacious part of the world, the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland) with dreams of making it big here. Taking that extra mile is not in itself an easy try as it engrosses a lot of delving into many different aspects from comparing and selecting the universities that best serve the purpose to finding the right place to live in, from steering oneself in the right direction in terms of immigration and working regulations to finding the best possible ways that allow easy social and cultural assimilations. Getting the right information in the right amount is crucial and this is exactly where the cordial and convivial members of the TPUK earnestly advice, suggest, and support the novices here and also those back home who see themselves on the threshold of a promising stance by considering to come to this friendly and welcoming foreign land.

Miles away from home, TPUK is committed to bring all the Telugu people in the UK together endorsing and comforting each other disseminating the warmth and hospitality that a home bestows. With 3000 and more gregarious and effervescent members TPUK is a lively community rejoicing the triumph of amalgamating all the telugites in the UK under one crown giving an invaluable opportunity to unveil and share their interests, hopes, dreams, talents and aspirations making a big difference to the quality of our lives here.
Nothing like motherland but with TPUK heartening you, you still are home and life in the UK is a colossal delight for every Telugite allied with TPUK and its unswerving attempts to support, help, and bring in all the Telugu people in the UK together.